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About the Project

Aspire provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for online learning and training. Focusing on flexibility and customization, our LMS helps organizations optimize training programs and improve learning outcomes. Using a Learning management system our customer wants to redefine possibilities in the classroom and anywhere.


Our US-based customer is a company who developed an internet-based application suite specifically built for the needs of schools and school districts serving students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Tech Stack

Tech stack we used for building web Apps


Benefits Delivered

Instructors and students have moved to a paperless approach

The educational/school IT Department has been relieved of having to securely store student work.

Teachers can easily share documents across all classes, quickly disburse assignments or other information to students or parents.

Helping teachers ensure their students’ digital literacy for the 21st century.

Students are more organized and up-to-date with their assignments.

Live updates to parent on their students progress.

Student-teacher interactions can all be done on the iPad; no need for traditional computers or even laptops; student and teacher engagement on the rise.

Free from toner expenses.

Aspire Softserv
Aspire Softserv

Problem Statement

Our customer, based in the US, has developed a suite of internet-based applications tailored to the needs of schools and school districts. These applications serve students, teachers, administrators, and parents a like.

Need easy-to-use, effective and affordable student/staff document and information exchange solution.

Find a technology solution that allows students to complete and submit work electronically on their devices.

Implementing technology to engage students without entirely changing the way teachers teach.

To catalog, collect, and digitally distribute the large number of student assignments without relying on the old-fashioned of email as workflow ‘solution’.

IT support and backup for student files.


Challenges & Limitations

Third party system integrations - It was very difficult to integrate and work together all systems with LMS.

Annotation tool on documents for meaningful feedback on each assignment.


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire provides a robust platform for course delivery, tracking, and reporting. With customizable features and easy integration, comprehensive solution for optimizing learning outcomes.

LSM can automatically create classes and groups for teachers. Also, it provides the perfect platform for every assignment and assessment.


Teachers can choose what content category it belongs to (homework, classwork, quiz, etc.), grading options, and student turn-in rules.


Built-in Annotations - Using a mouse, finger, or stylus, students and teachers can utilize our industry leading Mark It tool to write, highlight, draw and drop in stamps for more engaging assignments and meaningful feedback.


Classroom workflow solution - students can submit homework electronically for teachers to grade via the device. Entire workflow can be done on the application itself.


Parents can view their student’s upcoming and missed assignments, grades, and feedback.


The application uses “Learning Tools Interoperability” integration (Like Turnitin, Khan Academy, Quizlet, Wikipedia, Youtube and much more!) allowing users to access learning tools that will engage and excite students.


The application has developed extensive integrations with student information systems, Gradebooks, Storage, Single Sign On / SSO


Cloud-based paperless workflow solution accessible from any device.


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